Wayfaring again

This post, published on Saturday March 13th 2010, was and is a favourite. Somehow, I don't know when, it went missing. So here it is restored, along with original comments. This is the day I become clear about the purpose of my purposeless journey. Now the task is to express clearly what I see clearly.… Continue reading Wayfaring again

James Lovelock – transcript of radio interview

I published this on on 31st March 2010 and it somehow got lost in the conversion to WordPress. I'll have to check how many other posts need restoring. Humphrys: I’ve been talking about climate change to one of the world’s most respected scientists, Professor James Lovelock, the man who developed the Gaia theory, which says… Continue reading James Lovelock – transcript of radio interview

Natalie D’Arbeloff y el mural del hotel Guarani,1962

Natalie's post SELF BUBBLE modestly links to an article about her in a Paraguan magazine. I say "modestly": not only is it in Spanish, it doesn't allow its text to be copied so it could be put into Google Translate. It was fun bypassing this restriction (I can tell you how, if you're interested). Anyhow,… Continue reading Natalie D’Arbeloff y el mural del hotel Guarani,1962