Wayfaring again

This post, published on Saturday March 13th 2010, was and is a favourite. Somehow, I don't know when, it went missing. So here it is restored, along with original comments. This is the day I become clear about the purpose of my purposeless journey. Now the task is to express clearly what I see clearly.… Continue reading Wayfaring again

Hop on, hop off

I awake dishevelled and unshaven in some rural wasteland. How did I get here? How can I get back? Ahead, as far as the eye can see, there's a waterlogged meadow, with puddles expanding into shallow ponds. I discover I can fly, not soaring into the dawn sky but keeping a constant half-inch above the… Continue reading Hop on, hop off

Let Spring be my muse

Things are happening in hedgerow and pasture; a spate of fresh worm-casts; larks twittering; occasional sardonic comments by crows. A suddenly-surprised cock pheasant flaps away from me, going airborne in its panic, plumage bejewelled and voice like a rusty klaxon. Last year’s sunflower-heads, haggard and desiccated, stand witness to the kindness of supplying winter provender… Continue reading Let Spring be my muse


Poor blog! Your master has neglected you: deliberately. And taken a vow also to write briefly and more or less spontaneously, as opposed to elaborate literary essays: the better to do other things elsewhere—to be elaborate in a more spacious (i.e. book) format, conducted with an excellent collaborator: sometimes sparring partner, sometimes antagonist. It’s going… Continue reading Project