“Thank You NHS”

I went up to the hospital for a blood test and took these snaps of the approach road. They've been painted here for more than a year, and reflect a massive manifestation of affection for our National Health Service since the pandemic hit us. At various points it has drastically overloaded its workers at all… Continue reading “Thank You NHS”

All we ever need to know

Written on 15th September 2006, when everything seemed so simple and fresh, and messages came unbidden out of  a clear sky: "All we ever need to know is what to do", as concluded in the post below. These days I find it the hardest challenge of all. I ask myself whether I actually know anything… Continue reading All we ever need to know

Natalie D’Arbeloff y el mural del hotel Guarani,1962

Natalie's post SELF BUBBLE modestly links to an article about her in a Paraguan magazine. I say "modestly": not only is it in Spanish, it doesn't allow its text to be copied so it could be put into Google Translate. It was fun bypassing this restriction (I can tell you how, if you're interested). Anyhow,… Continue reading Natalie D’Arbeloff y el mural del hotel Guarani,1962

The Chilterns

Visits to the sunflower field in Downley, mentioned three times before, have become a private ritual. These unharvested crops survive like invincible peasant crones. In Italian, the sunflower is the girasole or “turn-sun”. Its sun-worship is enabled by fibrous sinews in its "neck", made of certain cellulose molecules, and these don’t decay as rapidly as… Continue reading The Chilterns

In the bleak midwinter

Christmas is the most renowned of all the world’s festivals. It’s full of drama and contrast and potent symbols. Like many, I dread the tawdry commercialisation, sentimentality and ubiquity of this season’s trappings. But I see it differently now, having spent an entire year celebrating the daily advance and decline of Nature's rhythms in the… Continue reading In the bleak midwinter

Ce Que Vouldras – Do what thou wilt

"I escape whenever I can to explore these exciting places, and it would take a big volume to record the feelings and memories evoked by the sounds and smells and visual impact." Previously published on Friday April 27th, 2007. After disinterring it today I recall another post but am unable to find it in any… Continue reading Ce Que Vouldras – Do what thou wilt

Where We Stand

Politics has never been more rotten, more destructive of the people’s wellbeing. From an impartial distance, this is surely unarguable. But who keeps this distance? From where I stand, democracy (reflecting the people’s choice), and freedom (of the powerful to enrich themselves and do what they like), have become especially poisonous. To the biosphere as… Continue reading Where We Stand