My pension company appears to have a dynamic new CEO. He's attached a mugshot and signature, says he is delighted to be introducing your ReWirement magazine ... We want to change how retirement is depicted, and share stories of people who are under-represented, celebrating the diversity and uniqueness of retirement in the UK today....So if… Continue reading Retirement?

Aylesbury Walkabout

I’m on a section of the “Round Aylesbury Walk”. If you go clockwise, the town is on your right and level countryside is on your left. I talk to myself as I go, into a digital recorder. . . Suppose everything is just as it should be, already? Suppose everything goes on being just right,… Continue reading Aylesbury Walkabout

On Human Behaviour (Sartre; the idea of evil)

Jean-Paul Sartre, about 1950                                       Click for source Among  comments on my last [since edited for relevance], Ellie quoted “condemned to be free”. Here it is in context. as written by Jean-Paul Sartre: “We are left alone, without excuse. That is what I mean when I say man is condemned to be free. Condemned, because he did… Continue reading On Human Behaviour (Sartre; the idea of evil)

Grandmothers and Crooked Paths

One of the characters in The Secret Agent is Michaelis, the “ticket-of-leave apostle”. Pitifully obese, he finds it difficult to communicate with others having spent his twenty years in jail (judged guilty by association with some terrorist atrocity) developing his own anti-capitalist philosophy. So now he continues his solitude in a cottage provided by a… Continue reading Grandmothers and Crooked Paths