James Lovelock – transcript of radio interview

I published this on on 31st March 2010 and it somehow got lost in the conversion to WordPress. I'll have to check how many other posts need restoring. Humphrys: I’ve been talking about climate change to one of the world’s most respected scientists, Professor James Lovelock, the man who developed the Gaia theory, which says… Continue reading James Lovelock – transcript of radio interview


I visited someone in a locked mental ward. She desperately wants to get out but is not ready to do so. She’s a lawyer, indeed a barrister, though I doubt if that fraternity will open its arms again to her. This piece was dated August 8th 2006, same as my previous Never considered it suitable… Continue reading Paradoxes

Cause of insanity

Update on December 13th 2020: YOu don't hear the term "mental illness". It's called "mental health issues", and embraces every kind of grief, depression and general unhappiness, especially including effects of loneliness arising from precautions against the corona-virus pandemic I’ve been wondering today what mental illness is. There’s a propaganda campaign going on in the… Continue reading Cause of insanity