How we got here, where we go next

Originally published on June 19th 2016, fell by the wayside till now. I cringe at my then support for Brexit, which now seeems like an irrecoverable error, like the Wuhan Lab Leak (if true) I had pretty much done with A Wayfarer’s Notes, actually, didn’t feel loyalty to it any more, only a certain nostalgia,… Continue reading How we got here, where we go next

Possessed by a god

Originally published on May 11th 2011, somehow got lost till now Suppose I took it on myself to explain what a blog is, to someone who’d never encountered the idea. How would I go about it? Is there a common root to which all blogs are connected? I’m not thinking so much of topics, which… Continue reading Possessed by a god


Masochistically, I’d planned to spend much time and ink writing a structured essay on literacy; covering texting, graffiti, tweeting, Facebook, Wikipedia, hyperlinking, spellcheck, online thesaurus, apostrophe confusion, grammatical mangling, metaphor insensitivity, the history of books from Gilgamesh to Kindle, the National Novel-Writing Month, the demise of the typewriter, my mania for fountain pens, registrar’s ink,… Continue reading Acknowledgements

Richard Bach, Annie Dillard, Frances Hodgson Burnett

I haven’t been writing because I’ve been reading so much. One book leads to another and the Kindle Reader has a lot to answer for. Snuggled in bed late at night, cradling the thing in its handsome leather case and its own light just bright enough to illuminate the page of black and white e-inks,… Continue reading Richard Bach, Annie Dillard, Frances Hodgson Burnett