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seeing from a height      Interconnectedness      The Tree of Life      Art is more than life      Books & Extreme Sports      The Denial of Death, by Ernest Becker     Touched by the printed word     Escaping one’s enemy     While I can . . . . Because I can     Hannah Arendt on Action     La Vie en Rosé     Bus & Canal     Groping Blindly     A Manhattan Odyssey     Homer’s Odyssey          Gilgamesh, book for our time      John Gray’s Straw Dogs     Under Western Eyes     The Secret Agent     Zorba the Greek The Human Condition      Peg: a minor character
fevered interlude      Cowes     Lambs and Us      Falling into Place     On Reading the Bible     Watercress     The Gift of Literacy     Secret Strength     Full Circle     On Being an Animal     Becoming Animal     Infinite Are the Depths     The God Interviews     England Have My Bones     Responsibility     The Opium of the People      The organizing power of words      Unblocking      Binding a Joy      The persistence of selfhood      Intelligent Design      The View from Nowhere      Film Noir

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