High Wycombe: good place to live

Wycombe is a great place to live if you don’t drive. No traffic jams or parking problems. If you live in Abercromby Road, for example, it’s a short walk along Desborough Road to the town centre, with its Eden shopping Mall, library, Hospital. If you are disabled, there are many facilities, including https://www.shopmobilityhighwycombe.co.uk/ You’ll pass the Bus Station, which can start you on your way to anywhere in the world: trains to London and Birmingham; bus 104 to Heathrow airport. Wycombe is surrounded by an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or AONB.

But then there are country walks a half-mile from the town centre. See photos below:

Footpaths there and back. By the time I reached Wycombe High, the girls’ grammar school, the sky was darkening so I went back via Marlow Hill along with many pupils in twos and threes. Then back home via the Eden Centre
looking north to Wycombe town centre
this footpath leads from the Ambulance Station to the southern end of Wycombe Hospital
good old Chiltern Rangers. They help preserve and nurture wild species in all our public open spaces
steps have been added to the steep parts
view of Wycombe Town from the top of those steps
Karleen won’t come with me when I wear this cap, bought new for £7 in the British Heart Foundation shop
this shows part of where I’ve walked today
another shot, showing the eastern side of Wycombe
this path will take us to Wycombe High Girls’ Grammar School where my daughter attended from 2000
another 10 minutes to the top

 I return down Marlow Hill and go through its entrance to Wycombe Hospital. Here’s someone waiting to be let into the Infection Control Dept, where Karleen worked for many years
Graffiti on hospital wall: go by Bike or Bus, help save our ecology. At left it seems to show us lot hugging one another
The left-hand board has dropped off ,otherwise you’d see WALK in graffiti style

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