Good Vibrations, good migration

 Revised on October 3rd

Things have changed in my body & psyche. One is the worse for wear, the other has recovered after 6 weeks of insanity, diagnosed as an infection of the brain which like the common cold has cleared up by itself. During those 6 weeks my head ran wild (“Freak Out!”) scaring the wits out of my long-suffering wife, who insisted I see a head doctor. Such a genial man, he performed multiple tests to check if my suspected Parkinson’s disease was real. Not at all, he concluded—and I didn’t look a day over 60.

Now that I am back to normal (or 90%, according to She who is Always Right), I discover it’s a new normal. I suspect that the X-rays, CT & MRI scans of
my head have unscrambled my brain to a new level.

Wherein I see that my prose can be laboured and boring. I’m far more alive & witty in verbal spontaneity with aforementioned wife, or phone calls to scattered family.

Time to migrate back to my first residence, It’s reincarnated as a a site which has few words of my own, except in the form of unrehearsed podcasts at which I am a beginner.

But meanwhile there are paintings, photos and drawings of women. For mine eyes have been opened, and seen the glory of God—Evolution if you prefer, same thing—into the begotten of our first mother Eve to produce our birth mothers, sisters, lovers, wives, daughters, granddaughters. They are all beautiful. What’s true for me must be true for everyone else, for we are all born equal. They may not know it yet, or in their lifetimes. But such are the inscrutable ways of our Creator, with whom we cannot argue.

I migrated from Vincent here to Hendrik there, both good Dutch names because Blogger is better than WordPress now. Both have evolved. Once WordPress was better, now Blogger is a delight.

Welcome then to




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