Fourteen Strands

This site started as a blog. These days it hardly has anything new to say, but remains as a sprawling overgrown labyrinth, still here for all comers, whether regular readers or stray visitors on some quest of their own. Hard to find, deliberately not signposted. Perhaps it might be refurbished.
A designer hired for the job would ask the owner “What are we trying to do here? What does this edifice stand for?”

The Observatory, Swansea Bay (Vincent)

In the course of their discussion themes and topics would emerge, woven together, overlapping, but capable of being labelled, sorted and stored in different areas. Like objects in a museum.

the same (Wikipedia)

So then the designer would ask, “How does the visitor gain access to 600 exhibits? Where are the walls, stairs, doors & windows? How are they to be navigated?”

Let’s suppose they came up with fourteen strands, as follows. All they have to do now is arrange the contents of each room. Then they might think of putting the place on the map.

Wayfaring: walking purely for communion with nature, physical movement and contemplation
Bloggery: made-up word, not in the dictionary, but easily understood by browsing here.
Reviews: mostly of books, occasionally films and music
Pieces of a life: in no particular order
Connexion:at a soul level to people, Nature or God (the agnostic’s kind)
Home Patch: anyywhere reachable on foot or local bus. A microcosm unmediated by media; this blogger’s eye view of direct reality
Voices: from guest writers and other sources
Creation: the great mystery of something arising from nothing; which then evolves into everything, including us. As mirrored in art of every kind, especially the art of simply being
Outreach: Connexion outside of the soul level, such as politics, economics, commerce, technology
Wondering: Ideas dance alluringly, but I have to admit I don’t really know

All creatures: the wondrous variety of humans and other animals
Fragility: this side of death, everything can go wrong or break. Why is there suffering? Can it be a blessing in disguise?
Places: leaving my Home Patch to visit somewhere interesting
Intimations: which seeem to come from some place that is not me, as if out of the sky


3 thoughts on “Fourteen Strands”

  1. Wonderful 14 strands.
    Hope you and yours have a great 2021, Vincent.
    I’ve been way behind on blogging and reading so a belated Merry Christmas also.


  2. Thanks, Bill, it’s been a while, I’ve missed you, but glad you managed to get a round toit, very useful things to get hold of. In this fresh and uncertain new year, a little blogging can mean a lot.

    I thought you might be interested in a couple of fountain-pen links. This one relates to a discontinued Dryden pen made of bamboo, which I’ve located via Ebay & sent to my son

    And this is a little drama about my own Dryden pen, in the form of a review on Amazon

    I hope you & yours have an enjoyable year, & you find time to write about relevant highlights!


  3. Useful categories I think! Thanks for that piece of organization Vincent. I’ve often had the thought that I’d like to look at e.g. your autobiographical posts, but I’ve been deterred from searching from them.


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