Happiness is a Warm Puppy

a pic from “Wayfaring”, Sept. 12th 2012; the Great Dane’s name is Farley

Apologies to all who accepted an invitation to read a preserved version of “A Wayfarer’s Notes”, and who will now discover that it’s gone underground again. But only for the time being. I feel rather guilty about kidnapping this foster-child of the internet. Those who have commented over the last eleven and a half years have been its godparents. But now it’s undergoing the alchemic transformation of adolescence. It has sulkily slammed the door, retreated into its untidy cave. Planning to not come out till it’s published a masterpiece. Who knows how long this phase will last?

This moody teenager answering to the name Vincent can still be reached. Click “send me text”. You’ll likely get a prompt reply. And if there’s a particular post you’re seeking, I might locate it and send you a pdf version.

Or you could comment below this, if you don’t mind going public.


4 thoughts on “Happiness is a Warm Puppy

  1. I’ve been wondering what’s been going on, and I’ve been hoping that you’ve been alright.

    As far as clicking on anything or asking for pdfs, I think I’ll let the dust settle. When you wander around a place that’s under construction, it’s easy to put your foot down some place where you’re expecting to find a floor only to find yourself falling through a hole.

    I’m just glad that things seem to be well. Take your time shuffling your deck and getting your jacks and aces in proper order.


  2. your image of shuffling the deck with the aces and jacks is most apt.There are rather too many decks, but I’m establishing a process gradually where it’s possible to hold hundreds of cards in your hand without exposing them or letting them drop to the floor.

    Looking again at the post, I see that a hostage to fortune was set up, in the phrase, “gone underground again. But only for the time being”; implying that “A Wayfarer’s Notes” will once again see the light of day. That is most unlikely. Phoenix can’t coexist side by side with the ashes of its predecessor..

    I just discovered you can embed images in comments.

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  3. I was curious as to your use of “canine” to describe your pet, leading to a speculation that (per wiktionary) it was

    similar to the dog or wolf (including coyotes, jackals, etc.) but distinguished from the vulpines, which are regarded as fox-like

    In photos it looks like a dog to me, so I did some research and discovered that five years ago you had remarked on “some sections of the community [who] refer to female humans as ‘dogs’”.

    Let me reassure you that those sections of the community don’t come here. And if the canine who shares your home is a female, I think you can safely call her a bitch, without risk of misunderstanding or offence.


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